I suddenly found myself on the deck of a ship, with the sea a raging cauldron with the feeling
of everything being enclosed in some finite space possibly bounded by glass.
My mum was there, so was a sibling. As soon as was onboard, I noticed a couple of guys that
appear at ease on the deck. One short, one tall and I soon recognised them as two classmates who
moved together back in my secondary school days. They recognised me at about the same time.
I could vaguely recall their names.
I drifted to my mum with the enclosed sea continuing to rage, and water breaking regularly
over the sides of the vessel. People were being swept out to sea, and others were jumping in
trying to safe them. My mum was of course distraught to notice the number of people on the sea
and the fact that some were being swept under the waves.
Some were saved from the black foaming see. My sibling was on the other side of the boat and
for some reason had a single cross-eye about which my mum observed that if what medicine she
has doesnt not cure her, she would have to send for help from her friend (a nurse also) in
the U.S. …

Can’t still shake the closeness (claustrophobic-ness) of the vessel/enclosed sea even after I
woke up.

Happy Birthday Yetunde Fasipebi.

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