Wide is the way …

It’s so easy to make it hell. Take the 2 opposite ends of the spectrum – that’s the “I am a hunk” spectrum. As I was saying, the lower end of the spectrum seems to be overly crowded with the guys spending their time wishing they were on the opposite end – that’s when they are not wishing they could hook up with the beaut just a couple of seats away. Now, its so easy to fantasize about that beaut that it’s a natural progression to start fantasizing about every beauty that the guy comes across. The hunks have got their own issues. It’s not easy to maintain the I-am-35-in-my-prime-a-stud-able-to-party-all-night-past-the-break-of-dawn persona. The body gets tired at some point. While the oogly ones are fantasizing, these guys are being literarily assaulted by the opposite sex – especially in the developed countries where its not exactly a taboo for a lady to take the initiative. Every one has his/her cross to bear.

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