It’s the little things about Windows that get my goat. Those little things can be real frustrating if they happen at certain times. Internet Explorer has got a nice feature which allows you to save a webpage as a compiled file with the “.mht” extension. The problem is that sometimes it takes a very long time for the save procedure to complete. So say, you change your mind and decide that you don’t want the page saved again and you click the “cancel” button – well nothing happens. So you click a few times more, then some more clicks … The problem is that the save dialog box has locked I.E. such that you cant do anything else with it. I was hoping this issue would have been corrected long ago but no such luck. From M$ point of view: “what you gonna now? Go ahead and be a about it. Raise your blood pressure a notch, throw a tantrum, add an ulcer on top of that. You are out of luck s..ker. We own your computer (R)”

Some other unrelated musings:
I see some women who look like they carry their fat well – but do they die well as well – when all the complications develop at some point? It’s been politically unacceptable for a while to refer to anybody as being fat – the more politically correct references include “big boned”, “muscled”, etc. So I see some women and I am tempted to go “Hi dear, you look smashing, but I think you should: throttle the beetle, stopper the mopper – I am sure you catch my drift!”

Connoisseurs come in various forms – some are fascinated with road kill (I am not but I know at least one woman who is). I saw a dog on the road on the way to the airport yesterday. It looked as if it had been well-quartered, piled up with the head placed almost upright on top. It had this half-faced death grin. It’s almost as if someone went to the pains of rigging up the gory sight right in the middle of the road for maximum impact on oncoming motorists..

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