Learning to Drive

Paid good money last week to learn to drive (at a driving school). Yeah I know – I see the shock on your face – after what – years on earth? I must say it felt too much like work! Luckily I didn’t run into anyone through out the 5-day course 🙂 Reversing still has lots of kinks but I am sure with practice it will all get straightened out.

I wonder when we as a people will make great progress. Today I watched a man move his vehicle to block the tiny space between his car and the one in front of his in a bumper-to-bumper hold-up just so that according to him “why should only the bikes continue to move when others are stuck in th hold-up” – talk about twisted logic. What he seemed not to realise is that by moving forward he created space between him and the car behind him – so the bikes just had to do a little detour. Until we are happy at other’s progress (or at least accept it) we wont go far in this country – same probably goes for a lot of Africans 😦

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