The Triad

I was in what looked like an office. At first I thought I was sitting up, but later I was definitely lying down on my back on a bed or surfer. There was a semi-partition in the room.
Soon, 4 Asians (Chinese I think) – one lady and 3 men came into the room – all leather-jacketed and looking like they mean business. Two of the men sat down while the  lady and the 3rd man ll flirty-like made their way behind the partial partition. From the angle where I was, I couldn’t quite see what they were up to, but the way the other two looked at me persuaded me to mind by own business.
Soon the girl moved out into the open and it was clear the 3rd guy was dead behind the partition. She stood over me with the knife in her hands looking all mean and just about ready to add me to the tally.  After a brief pause, she placed the knife in my hands and they all left. May be it was the paranoia that arises from watching too many films,  but the next thing I did was to grab a piece of clothing and carefully wipe my fingerprints off the knife.

– – – – – fade to white – – – – –

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