Thou shalt be sober always

I have added Philadelphia (Tom Hanks, Antonio Banderas, Denzel Washington) to the list of films you should not watch with company (do so at the danger of being labeled a sissy!). I survived most of the film intact until the scene at the end of the film when his family was bidding him good night at the hospital. Let’s just say the guy that broke down had additional company!

Whatever happened to Mila Jovanovich (joan of arc)! Surgery gone wrong or new mum? Saw her on TV talking about resident evil and she looked quite strange (to put it delicately). Bye bye to my fantasies.

Had a TGIF timeout at my office 2 Fridays ago. Now I know not to take 2 bottles of Gordon Spark at one sitting (or standing). I normally take maltina (or one of its competitors) but got only one bottle of that. So I took 2 Gsparks (before and after the Maltina). My gait was still steady but the effect
was still on 4 hours later. Luckily I could still act normal but felt like I should just shut my eyes forever. My head felt very strange!

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