Fire! Fire!

Just about an hour ago, there was a fire alarm in the building where I was busy working on a server. At first I ignored it, but then someone shouted outside “everybody get out now!” I looked around quickly and for some reason the only thing I grabbed was my empty computer bag. I looked at the laptop, but thinking it would take too much time to pack it up, I left it there on the desk. In my other hand as I made my way outside I was seeping on a small pack of Chi Exotic Pineapple & Coconut Nectar. So there I was outside the building observing the melee until it suddenly struck me that I had left my phone outside – I was really “left holding the (empty) bag” by no other than myself. How smart was that?

Hey, Chi (the corporation) should pay me for the free advert above. They can make it a full advert – something along the line of “if your house is burning, don’t forget your chi! With your chi in your hand, nothing is impossible!” Video cuts to a man taking a flying leap out of a burning skyscraper, lands on the ground, without a scratch, takes a final seep of his chi, winks and walks off screen. “Why not seep-a-chi today?”

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One Response to Fire! Fire!

  1. hehehehe. maybe this idea will come in useful some day.

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