Heaven’s Population distribution

The problem with discussing anything that remotely classifies humans in terms of colour is that one is almost certainly going to be labelled a racist. I am almost sure that the philosophers would say that the fact that one even “sees” the existence of “color” implies that one is a racist. Having said that I love all people 🙂 Now to fan those embers a little bit …
Off the top of my head, I would have said that there will be a larger percentage of Africans (of all continents) in heaven than Caucasians. But then nothing is ever as simple as it looks. For example, altruism is almost foreign to “our” nature – we are all too busy seeking to make money at every other person’s expense. “We” have the largest number of churches and possibly the highest crime rates to go along with it. Piousness is restricted solely to Sundays and for that matter just the morning. On the other hand, large swats of caucasians have decided that there is neither God nor heaven.  So then, there is likely to be more or less the same percentage representation by numbers.  God help us all!

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